Perfect organiser for city breaks and airport faffers — #notsponsored and super helpful

You know when you buy something because you think it’s cool or pretty or whatever, and it ends up being one of the most functional, efficient purchases you’ve ever made?

I did this in Amsterdam. A wonderful novelty stationary shop and I came out 20 Euro lighter but happy at my new passport cover. I’ve gone through my fair share of covers in my years of passport ownership, and they usually all end up in the bin as I just get frustrated at constantly having to remove my passport every time I have to stick it into the scanner at passport control.

My new travel wallet was red and shiny and full of pockets. Only when I headed back to the airport in the Netherlands to go home did I realise just how useful it was having a functional bit of kit that wasn’t a hindrance, but actually made travelling life a easier.


I no longer had to section out part of my bag, finding somewhere flat and crumb-free for my boarding pass. Nor did I worry about losing my passport down a toilet every time I stuffed it in my back pocket and forgot about it.

Now at airports, I walk in with my ruck over my shoulder, my travel wallet in hand. I can pull out my boarding pass and passport as I need to, and it even holds my phone, my currency, my EHIC (European healthy insurance card), taxi card just in case I ever need one from the airport, and important receipts, say if I need to claim back expenses. And when I’m at the airport, I also slip my bank card in here too, just so I don’t need to be faffing around trying to find my purse when buying magazines and sweeties in ‘Smiths.

This travel organiser is slick and shiny, and fairly water resistant. It doesn’t claim to be, but I’ve stood in the pouring rain in Milan with this baby and it kept my papers dry.

I can’t remember the name of the shop I purchased my ALIFEDESIGN wallet from, but even better I found their website: ALIFEDESIGN. Their website also has a bunch of other handy stuff including a jacket gripper for when it’s warm and you can’t be buggared to carry your jacket, and also… A LUGGAGE KNIT!! Yes it’s expensive but isn’t it adorable?! Not only will you be able to spot your suitcase from across the airport, but it also protects your case from scratches and dents. You’re welcome.


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