Venice: the true Instagrammable city — photo album memoirs

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll have realised I don’t really do short blogs. When my fingers hit that keyboard, they end up telling anecdotes and babbling about little stories about all the food and everything else.

am trying to rectify my babbling problem…. promise!

To help balance it out, I’m going to share my first photo album – which are views of the gorgeous Venice. It truly is a remarkable city, and we were so lucky to experience it in sunshine. 

We were only in Venice for less than a day (we took a cheeky daytrip from England to Venice – it’s not as hard or as stressful as you think!) so it wouldn’t be right of me to write a blog post about this beautiful city when I barely had any appreciation of it. There are plenty of travel blogs around on Venice, here are two of my favourites:


T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi rooftop view looking south west. The famous Rialto Bridge is just slightly further south of here.


Terracotta houses looking empty and deserted.



The north side of the Rialto bridge – with hundreds of tourists leaning over taking photos of the boats



We were lucky to have a chance to go on a Gondola, and managed to get a fab price as the day trade had died down, and the night trade hadn’t yet come out.



Pretty orange and red houses.



Empty streets of Venice.



I can’t even imagine living in a place where streets are water.




Sun shines over locals going about their daily business.



Be warned: tour groups are absolutely everywhere and do make it hard to move around!



Basilica di San Marco – one of the biggest attractions in the heaving St. Mark’s Square.



From Ponte dell’Academia, looking out at Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute at the end of the Grand Canal.



Beautiful views of the lagoon, looking south from Campanile di San Marco in St. Mark’s Square.



Campanile di San Marco.



Views from the Gondola.



Had about 17 Gelato cones whilst here…




Sun shining down upon the Grand Canal.



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