At the age of 26, I decided: I love travelling. But with limitations of stingy annual leave days, I set my sights on exploring what Europe has to offer, one weekend at a time. This meant for me two to three day visits to places like Norway, Ukraine, Estonia and Italy, and day trips to Scotland, Denmark and Latvia. But that’s okay — because one day when I have more time I can go back to all of these places with fond memories and explore all of those parts I couldn’t.

My blog covers all of the different places I’ve visited, both city and countryside and my goal is to help others with their budget travel planning (after all, it was others’ travel blogs that helped me kickstart my love). As a marketing specialist, I also occasionally write about all things social media and the Internet of Things — and there may be a couple of blogs thrown in about living life as a military spouse and also some charitable and volunteering work I do too.

Hailing from Clacton and Colchester in England, I actually moved to New Jersey, USA in August 2019. I will be documenting my journey as I pick up life in a new ‘culture’ and explore what America has to offer.