Analysing my travel goal list for 2018 — how well did we do?

It’s a random Friday night and I should be packing for our trip tomorrow, but, alas, as usual I’m browsing the internet and losing hours.

Whilst tidying up some of my blog posts, I came across something I’d written in March 2018 — my travel goals for 2018. Well, this has gotta be worth a read, surely!

I’m going to list them all and discuss whether or not we met our goals!

go to a different continent.

In March I wrote I wanted to visit a different continent — really I should’ve specified a new continent because technically I did go to a different continent when we visited my husband’s American family in May. We had a wonderful mountain cabin vacay in Colorado. Unfortunately I still haven’t visited a new continent! Maybe 2019 will be my year for this?!

Hit? Technically, yes, because of a misunderstanding of words!


visit at least four more Hard Rock Cafés.

It has been a goal of mine for the past five or six years to hit up as many European Hard Rock Cafés as possible. I started 2018 well by visiting the awesome one in Gothenberg, Sweden. Unfortunately that’s where my visits stopped dead. A lot of our trips in 2018 somehow managed to be more countryside-based travels instead of city breaks (try finding a Hard Rock Cafe in the middle of Scottish mountains or in the rural parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina…). We did visit one more, but not until November when we visited Porto in Portugal.

Hit? No.


do Italy one more time.

Nope! Argh why am I so poor at hitting my goals?! Another goal not hit. I did have plans on going to either Rome or Verona but too many other cities were cheaper/more appealing and so we ended up spending our time elsewhere.

Hit? No.

a Scotland roadtrip

Yes!! Finally, one we did! I specifically said I wanted to visit the Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park — and we did both of those things! On top of that, we also visited the cute town of Oban and climbed Conic Hill just off of the town of Balmaha. Both were amazing and I’m so glad we did this trip. I stated in my March blog I wanted a lake-side cabin — we booked two of them during our time there! (although one of them was a glamping pod rather than a cabin…but it was definitely lake-side)

Hit? Yes!


write a blog post every month.

January – 2
February – 1
March – 3
April – 1
May – 1
June – 1
July – 0
August – 0
September – 1
October – 0 but 1 vlog
November – 0
December – 2 and 1 vlog

Hit? No. What a bummer! To be fair, I did better than I expected, and I managed to do my first ever (and second) vlog that I published to YouTube. I’m very proud of myself for that!

read more travel books and subscribe to more travel bloggers.

I have read so many good travel books this year! These include:

  • Notes from a Small Island – Bill Bryson
  • Neither Here Nor There – Bill Bryson
  • Notes from a Big Country – Bill Bryson (yes I’m obsessed with Bill)
  • Map Addict – Mike Parker
  • One Summer America 1927 – Bill Bryson (ehh….*kind of* a travel book)
  • The Almost Nearly Perfect People – Michael Booth

And I’ve just started reading Between the Woods and the Water and A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor. On top of these I’ve also read some amazing books this year about cyber security, the psychology behind propaganda, feminism and sociopaths. It’s been a good year for non-fiction books.

I probably haven’t subscribed to as many travel bloggers as I’d have liked but have discovered Nomadic Matt and an awesome travel couple Along Dusty Roads.

Hit? Yes yes yes!


Despite only hitting half of my travel goals last year, I’m still pleased with how our year went, travel-wise. We hit up city breaks in Sweden (Gothenberg), Croatia (Zadar), Scotland (Edinburgh), France (Cassis), Belgium (Bruges), Portugal (Porto) and Switzerland (Geneva). We also did off-the-beaten-track road trips in Northern Ireland, Colorado, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland, Iceland, the south of France and the Belgian coastline. We took our labrador, Toby, on multiple of these trips with us so he got to experience some of the awesomeness too.

In 2018 I visited five completely new countries that I’d never been in before — my favourite of all of them was definitely Sweden, with Croatia being a close second. And I explored new, different areas of five countries that I’d been in before.

Our of every country we visited, my absolute favourite has got to be Scotland. Our five day road trip around the west Scottish coast and the Isle of Skye blew my mind and I cannot WAIT to go back there.

Time to set some travel goals for 2019 — I promise I won’t leave it until March again!



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