Sex and the citybreak — personal questions for traveller couples

Ok, so this one is exclusively for traveller couples (this is a whole different topic for solo travellers, or those travelling in a group of mates – so I’m sorry to exclude you).

And to be honest, this post is more of a question — an unfathomable wondering – – as to couples’ bedroom activities when they’re on a fast-paced city break.


Now of course if you’re staying in a nice hotel room, the first thing you may want to do upon entering is throw down your luggage and ‘Christen’ the room. But, beyond that? Anyone?

My partner and I just spent a long weekend in Germany. Two nights in Heidelberg, two nights near Hahn. One day in Frankfurt and one day in Heidelberg, a day in very south Germany in a small town called Schwangau, and the rest driving around. Speaking honestly, we did the whole ‘Christening of the hotel room thing’ as mentioned above, but apart from that, absolutely f*ck all (no pun).

It wasn’t for lack of wanting, truly. But we ended up having a late night on Friday eating dinner, drinking German beverages and catching up as we hadn’t seen each other in a month. I told him work gossip, he told me about some of his training course. An early start on Saturday to head into Frankfurt dictated that, instead of laying around in bed enjoying each other’s company, we had to get up and get out the hotel room. We literally spent the entire day out, coming back to the hotel for dinner, but didn’t have any time before our reservation to even shower, let alone anything else. After a huge steak dinner, we collapsed into bed several hours later feeling fat and bloated and exhausted, much much later than we’d intended, and in need of sleep as we had another early start on the Sunday morning.


Sunday morning arrived (and we didn’t wake up to the alarms so it wasn’t an early start – more like a late, mad rush to get out before checkout time). Another day spent out and about, nowhere near a bed, followed by another late, late night. And the Yank had work the next day, so we both had to get up at 0550 so I could drop him off at his class as we only had one car between us.

So. That’s just once. In a whole long weekend.

Depressing right? We contemplated the idea of ‘stuff’ after having dinner that last day together, but after I’d picked him up from his training course and we’d found somewhere to eat dinner, then packed up to leave yet another hotel room as we had a 0345 start for my airport run, the mood just didn’t seem right. It was approaching 2215, and the notion that we were both going to get only 5 hrs sleep if we went to bed at approximately that time just left us both grumpy and we ended up having a quick cuddle and kiss before turning over to go to sleep.

Now this is a weird one, because usually the Yank doesn’t have to work on our city breaks. Usually we just have one or two nights away somewhere. But the premise is exactly the same. Very late nights out, eating local food and drinking local alcohol, followed by incredibly early mornings in order to make the most of our days. Now seriously, how is it that people can do this and find the time to still be intimate?!

It’s almost like if we take an actual holiday, we have to take a sex break.

Are we the only ones?



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