Instagrammable streetfood in Europe — hotdogs, churros and schneeballs!

Streetfood is my favourite choice of food.

As a grab-and-go kinda gal (nooo, not like that) my need for buying food to eat whilst walking to ensure I can fit that castle or museum in on today’s agenda before heading home is super important.

But when city markets are lined with food stalls – how do you decide what to eat?

Well, I turn to Instagram.

I surely cannot be the only one who scours Instagram travel bloggers for top tips on where to eat? All of the delicious food places I have listed below have ultimately come to me by doing my Insta-research (most of the time IG is more reliable for sightseeing ideas than TripAdvisor nowadays anyway!).

You’re welcome and bon appétit! 🍎

DØP (Den Økologiske Pølsemand) hotdogs in Copenhagen

The best hotdog I’ve ever tasted. The Danes do meat SO WELL. And they just know what to do with it.

This delightful meat feast comes from a hotdog stand in Copenhagen. Their food is delicious and, best yet, all of their food is totally organic.

After a horrific cattle drive experience in America early in 2017, I made the decision to only eat organic meat where possible.

The award-winning DØP is located at the foot of the Round Tower – a Copenhagen must-do.

My favourite is their plain roasted hotdog. The ‘dog’ itself is super tasty, proper meat from proper farming, super rich and chunky and covered in a lush remoulade sauce. My favourite part of this meal was the fresh and fried onions mixed together. The fresh onions are great for keeping the hotdog moist and sticky, and the crispy, bitty fried onions add an amazing crunch and rich texture to the otherwise soft and delectable meat and dough situation that’s in your hands.

They have other options too – beef sausage if you fancy something different, a vegetarian sausage which I hear is absolutely delicious. As a gluten free option, you can have just the ‘dog’ with a side of stewed kale.


Nosteagia bubble waffles in Shoreditch, London

I’d heard of bubble waffles before and was so pleased to come across them on Instagram in 2016 as the trendy new thing within Shoreditch.

Alongside bubble tea, Nosteagia offers takeaway desserts that simply demands Instagram photos, though definitely snap the photo before you’ve attempted eating it because the whole affair got incredibly messy after nibbling off the waffle bit that overhangs the cone. It is delicious though, despite the messiness.

The waffles are super airy and light. My chosen topping of Nutella and strawberries naturally went down very well, and I loved the addition of whipped cream. 10/10.


Frankie’s Churros with Nutella in Cologne

Not usually a big fan of churros but I happened to catch that they use Nutella as the topping as opposed to the standard chocolate-flavoured sauce (there’s something about it I just don’t like). But, oh boy, Nutella on these bad boys! Pure delight.

This would’ve gone down even better if it had been cold outside. Alas it was a warm October day.

These warm churros in my belly kept me going all afternoon as I sight-saw my way around the engaging city of Cologne.


Cioccolati Italiani gelato in Milan

Probably some of the tastiest gelato I’ve ever had, and in so much style!

I’ve never been in a place before where there was a factory-style conveyor line of gelato. One person sorts your cone and flavours, another takes it away to finish your topping.

And a completely different person at the end takes the money (and holy shit were these expensive!).



The Happy Pig pancakes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an array of streetfood and cafes just waiting for those inevitable ‘munchies’ to arrive.

I totally fell in love with their Instagram prior to my trip and allowed the lure of pancakes to make it our first stop when we arrived.

Such a treat! Folded crepes nestled amongst strawberries and chocolate sauce and dusted with sugar 🍓

‘Home of the rolled pancake’, this was my favourite Amsterdam find by far!

As well as sweet offerings, there are several savoury choices and these typically change quite often to suit different taste buds and the staff are super friendly and humorous.

The cafe boasts organic food, gluten-free and vegan – helpful if you have dietary requirements. Oh and a plus, the coffee is delicious.


Milk Train Cafe Unicone ice cream in Covent Garden, London

I sought this out very very quickly after seeing several Instagram posts.

This was definitely no wonderful accidental stumble upon as I never would’ve thought to turn down the street this place is on – I saw a candy-flossed ice cream covered in Rainbow Drops (my favourite childhood sweet) and had to go hunt this down. How delightful!

It was supremely messy as you have no control over the ice cream melting before you finish eating the candy floss in order to get to the ice cream.

They only give you one napkin. Make sure you take more when you’re in the café.

Schneeball ‘snowballs’ in Heidelberg

The main reason I need to go back to the beautiful city of Heidelberg!

Not only is it delightful with its cobbled streets and beautiful castle, but it is one of the few places in the world where you can buy these handmade Schneeballen.

Originating from the region of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, there are a few places in Bavaria you can get hold of these now – Heidelberg being one of the most famous.

And I adore them! Tasty ball-shaped sugared doughy treats. Biscuits moulded into a sphere. My favourite is the basic sugared one. The yank liked the dipped chocolate.

I actually didn’t discover this on Instagram for a change. I happened to be listening to the British rock radio station, Radio X, whereby they were poking fun at a German guy who they followed on Twitter. Out of sheer boredom, I looked up this guy and wanted to see a particularly funny photo they were discussing. Noticing a post whereby he said he was in Heidelberg, I off-the-chance asked him for travel tips for the area! He told me to get Schneeballen. The rest is history.


Delislice Nutella crepes in Paris

We were super lucky that our AirBnB’s front door sat right next to this crepe place that I’d read about.

What better than warm gooey Nutella crepes on a brisk November morning!

Each morning the day would start with one each of these. Happiness in my belly.


Cambridge Scotch Egg Company‘s cumberland sausage scotch egg in Cambridge

Cambridge is the city closest to my hometown and so of course I had to share something from there!

I love the food markets that come into town as they offer such a variety, and there’s more than enough to please the multi-cultural bliss that comprises the university city.

After a wee hunt on Instagram for what to eat that day, I opted for a standard scotch egg and fries from the Cambridge Scotch Egg Company, and it turned out to be one of the yummiest streetfoods I’ve ever had!

I’ll never quite understand how someone can create an oozing boiled egg in the middle of sausage meat but I’m happy this magic exists.


Gofry pod Arkadami waffles in Sopot, Poland

What does a morning at the beach need?

Chocolate waffles covered in strawberries, of course.

And I’m starting to worry I’m too transparent in my needs for Nutella and strawberries…

This delightful little outdoor diner had several different foodie options — though trying to eat this one handed with a plastic fork was just a no-go. I had to take a pew and eat the thing with my hands – messy, but worth it.



By combining food and travel I’ve definitely broadened my palette over the years — and I mean outside of eating waffles.

And when it comes to street food, I’m so happy that a lot of the time I’m able to support local chefs and entrepreneurs out of food trucks and teeny businesses rather than feeding my money back into large chain restaurants. Who’s with me? 

Tell me what your favourite type of street food is in the comments! 🤗


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